Sheila Griffin, Esq

Mrs. Sheila Griffin is the Founder  and Chair of the Pinellas Suncoast Black Republican Club; a Precinct Captain of the Pinellas County Republican, Executive Committee; and Participant Sponsor of Fund Raisers for Republican Candidates.
As a Lawyer she worked as Senior litigant in private practice in state and federal court on behalf of corporations and private parties in Labor &  Employment Law, contract, family, criminal and property law matters. She serves as legal counsel to Human Resource Director and Executive Assistant Director of thirteen county area. In addition to Labor and Employment law, create policies and/or oversight of public records law adherence, federal contract compliance, management level personnel training, personnel hiring, appraisals, drug free workplace, security, and disciplinary actions. She served as Research and Writing Adjunct Professor for law students. and managed one half of federal court judge chamber cases for research of federal and state law; draft memorandum or briefs for preparation of judicial orders in response to pleadings submitted by parties. Additional term assigned to manage departing Magistrate Judge Caseload: the Honorable Charles R. Wilson (11th Cir. Ct. of Appeals Jurist).
She currently designs and facilitate probation and parole offender programs that match employers to employment candidates for nine circuit field offices; write and facilitate life skills and employment symposiums, and collaborate for industry fairs with stakeholder partnerships. Attornet Griffin monitors large scale developments of regional impact [DRIS] providing assessment of  consistency with local government comprehensive plans, public works, transportation plans, and environmental issues for municipalities located within four contiguous counties.
Sheila is also the co-host for inspiration and faith filled topics on Tampa Bay Radio Station WTIS 1110 AM on Sundays at 1 pm. She serves as elder on leadership council team and teacher facilitating local church growth serving 250-500+ members and a separate ministry plant that grew to 200 in three years. Sheila and her husband Michael also pastor a fledgling church in a metropolitan downtown location.